4 Years From Now by

Year: 2019
Tags: Branding, Graphic Design, Identity, Web design

4 Years From Now [4YFN] is a startup business platform that enables startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together. As one of the world’s most influential startup platforms, it was time to create an identity which would match their ecosystem and values, across a diverse range of communication pieces in both printed and digital supports. The initiative aims to create an exclusive platform with the main website, then expanded into 3 versions Barcelona, Shanghai & Los Angeles in which the global community is connected, congregating entrepreneurs, mentors and established companies from all over the world.

A dynamic and adaptable rebranding

The first step was to design a graphic identity. 4YFN is a special platform as its programmes and events are constantly growing, adapting and evolving. We wanted to reflect this concept into graphic identity through a contemporary and playful approach. Using the pixel as a base, we created a graphic system which showcases their game-changing ideas and bleeding-edge discussions, representing this international network of contacts and business opportunities through simplistic yet appealing visual codes.

New shapes of information

For the typographic treatment we paired Helvetica Neue with Neue Pixel Grotesk, designed by M35, creating a contrast between neutral and technological, and generating a distinct verbal and visual language. When combined with the palette of bright colours, the treatment adds a secondary layer, helping to guide the user through the content.

A modular system defines a new digital environment

The proposed graphic system works as a modular one, creating a flexible grid which allows placing content across a diverse range of communication pieces. From this idea, it was important to not only contain and adapt the content but to maximize the potential of different typologies and hierarchies which exist within the business platform.

A coherent mood across every platform

For the website we faced the challenge of creating a global digital environment capable of supporting more than 3 different websites (Barcelona, Shanghai & Los Angeles) while maintaining the graphic mood and identity, simultaneously highlighting and adapting the different classifications of content through a flexible layout.


4YFN approaches a variety of different profiles: startups, investors, corporations and institutions. We based the navigation and interaction on their necessities, creating an environment where the users have fast and easy access to information, facilitating connections in the network, without falling back on a traditional design. Along with the events, we also adapted and applied the new visual identity to printed assets, such as catalogues and guides.

Branding, Graphic Design, Identity, Web design. 2019