Activating a revenue ecosystem for Bobo Choses by

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Year: 2018

Client: Bobo Choses 

By Folch


Bobo Choses came to us as an established brand with great sales and a strong narrative. So why did they need our help? With consumer shopping habits increasingly shifting online, Bobo recognised that they were missing out on opportunities simply because they hadn’t mobilised their online networks to their fullest potential. With all the assets in place to tap into untouched digital audiences, they needed a comprehensive digital strategy to get things started, expanding visibility and building a loyal customer base – as well as increasing sales.

  • FOLCH - Activating a revenue ecosystem for Bobo Choses

Taking Bobo’s digital pulse

As with every activation strategy the first thing we needed to do was to identify Bobo’s audiences and scale them in terms of potential (audiences), subscribers (one-time customers), clients (regular customers), and ambassadors (Bobo lovers). We called this taking Bobo’s digital pulse. We did a thorough audit of all our accessible data, both through Bobo’s available resources and through Google Analytics. We identified specific profiles and segmented Bobo’s audiences in relation to the means of communication we had available across owned (website, newsletters), shared (Bobo’s social media channels) and paid media (ads). We also identified the markets where Bobo had presence of brand and product.

FOLCH - Activating a revenue ecosystem for Bobo Choses

Increasing active website visitors by 39% was key to obtaining data to identify customer behaviour and increasing growth through brand awareness and conversion.

Identifying our actions and prioritising

The next step was to identify actions to encourage awareness, traffic, engagement, and eventually sales. Having analyzed the current behaviour of consumers across Bobo’s digital environments we could better articulate priorities for future campaigns. Activation aims to seamlessly move potentials along the scale using a mixture of organic and paid media campaigns, often linked to an event to encourage physical participation as well as digital. Based on our analysis we we were able to start to build Bobo’s customer base, creating stronger relationships with users by focusing on key areas of opportunity.

Every channel saw an increase in traffic after taking Bobo´s communication beyond organic, growing brand visibility and relevance.

Content mapping

Then we identified and quantified the amount of content available. Having divided our content into two categories – sustained (value proposition, brand narrative, promise, themes) and short term (sales, collections, launches, events etc.) communication – we positioned each piece of Bobo content across an XY axis graph to give a clear idea of the values that Bobo was prioritizing and those values that were lacking in content. The result was that we could work out what we needed to communicate better. Once the content was categorized effectively, we mapped both the sustained and short term messaging against a timeline. It was also important to use a consistent tone of voice: warm, responsible and, above all, fun.

Getting the ball rolling

In order to build a strong and lasting relationship with our audiences and to give visibility and proliferation to the brand we needed to start distributing high quality, engaging content across Bobo’s digital channels on a daily basis and in a more coherent and consistent way. We planned meticulously, creating a comprehensive weekly calendar and posting content on a daily basis using Facebook, Hootsuite and Planoly. We designed a template which could be updated with selected assets for each post, so everyone was aware of what the weekly schedule would look like and could edit and update accordingly.


There was a significant increase in Bobo´s revenue across all of its channels. A clear sign that users do not convert directly from an Ad but after becoming aware of the brand through a series of synchronised digital actions.

Product sorting and scheduling

Product sorting helped us to integrate sales objectives within the narrative stream in a seamless manner. Each week we identified which products to prioritize in terms of visibility. To do so we did a study of the items we had and the revenue that each item represents, identifying which products we had content for and which ones were lacking. If there was a product that we had a lot of in stock we highlighted the need to develop new content (with a photographer or partner) to push sales.

Encouraging recurring users

To move audiences from subscribers to clients and ambassadors we created a paid media campaign giving visibility to the brand narrative and messaging behind the Bobo SS collection by tapping into new audiences.Having established our audience segmentation criteria and categorised our traffic per channel, we could visualise our data using Google Analytics and track the user journey using UTM links. We also ran a newsletter campaign to increase traffic and encourage users to purchase the new collection. The newsletter gave visibility to an event at Bobo’s new shop in Born, generating a community of people likely to engage with the brand.  Overall we generated 500 new leads, expanding the customer database as well as increasing brand loyalty. 

Integration and teamwork

In order for this project to work, we had to be fully integrated into the Bobo team. We quickly realised that the best thing would be to actually be present at Bobo’s office in Mataró at least one day a week – not just for convenience, but to learn about the brand and to work within the Bobo team – in other words – to become a ‘native.’ The complexity of the project also meant that it was important to have plenty of time to go through every aspect in detail, making sure all departments were aligned on timings, copy and content. After six months, we left Bobo with a clear workflow, a comprehensive digital communications strategy and the blueprint for a fully functioning digital ecosystem going forward.

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