Doiy #Honom by

Packaging for DOIY
Designed by Folch


Doiy’s new male oriented line needed its own personality. Based on the graphic system we had previously designed for Doiy, we refined the packaging to meet the needs of this new collection. With attention to detail and materials we aimed to communicate a premium touch.

  • FOLCH - Doiy #Honom
  • FOLCH - Doiy #Honom

A new sophisticated approach

To maintain consistency with the previous design while generating a more ‘premium’ feel, we started to explore the possibilities in terms of graphics, materials, colours and finishes. We wanted to emphasise a more urban, contemporary look, avoiding photography entirely on this particular packaging design. Technical drawings of each product were developed to provide a sense of unity, as well as a certain level of sophistication.

Elegant finishes

We embossed these drawings onto an elegant warm grey sleeve in a variety of different dimensions, true to the size of each product. The sliding box is another additional feature – something not only functional, protecting each item from damage during transport, but also adding a feeling of high quality.  The product is carefully enclosed in a layer of black foam with a simple orange pull-cable to add contrast as well as a touch of Doiy’s trademark zest.