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Client: Fundació Arquia
Year: 2014-present
Tags: Art Direction and Design, Digital Activation, Strategy and Design Thinking, Web app
Awards: Selected for Laus Awards 2015

A digital collection

Since its founding in 1983, Arquia Caja de Arquitectos realise and foster cooperative credit, in order to respond to the professionals’ specific savings and credit needs. The foundation funds and leads economical programmes in order to support its members working towards an end goal aimed at socially improving the community. In this sense, the e-temas collection perfectly fits within the foundation’s mission and values. These papers of an informative, educative and technical nature set out to familiarise their members with relevant and insightful topics suited to their area of interest. For a long time, Arquia Foundation published this content through printed publications. When the time came to switch to digital, they involved Folch in order to bring the papers into a new environment.

Interactive, pleasant and accessible from everywhere

In spite of the multiple and diverse formats available, digital publications have the huge advantage of being easily accessible from everywhere and granting a level of interaction, something that is difficult to achieve with paper, as well as bypassing the production process. The digital papers we conceived for the e-temas collection give an excellent and pleasant reading experience to the associates, allowing for a range of useful features to be used. These include marking pages, highlighting and sharing the desired text passage on social networks, exporting the paper in PDF format, consulting the author’s curriculum, as well as the chance of asking questions and giving feedback and opinions. Once the publications have been opened they are accessible for both on and offline reading. In order to improve the user experience, the e-temas publications are available in a web app digital format. The development of a web app was necessary to avoid native online stores and let users receive the app on their dock without leaving the Arquia Foundation website. After logging in, members can access the web/application directly from their mobile devices’ dock.

FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation

Personalised interaction

The book ‘Seguir siendo arquitecto’ consists of two parts, a theoretical section including five insightful chapters written by the authors and architects Mónica Bonafonte & Ana Puig-Pey. The five chapters pedagogically treats the different subjects and are supported by real life case studies where the topics are applied. In addition we wanted to provide a full experience for the user and put the theoretical part in practice. The app offers simple interactive tools for the user to easily analyse their skills through interactive tables and study the market through personalised graphs and diagrams.

  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation

Bringing organicity into digital

Digital publications can often feel cold and unattractive for traditional readers. Illustration can break this impersonal look, bringing color, abstraction and organicity to technological devices. In light of this, we entrusted the young illustrator Pol Montserrat to develop a series of animal figure drawings. Each publication features one animal on the cover, aimed at resembling and representing the papers content through a symbolic conceptual approach. Our typeface choices followed a similar way of thinking: due to its amazing performance as a display, the old-style serif typeface Plantin Std was chosen for titles, while the body text is set in Avenir, masterly designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988. In spite of the normal categorisation, Avenir is not purely geometric: this feature provides the font with a harmonious and charming look, as well as being perfectly readable for both body text and headlines.

  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
  • FOLCH - e-temas / Arquia Foundation
Digital Publication, Editorial Design. Fundació Arquia. 2014-present