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Year: 2021
Tags: Book Writing & Editing, Editorial Design, Editorial Environment

The old world is falling apart. The paradigms which have governed our existence until today are losing sense at every second. And they collapse, howling desperately for their condition of status quo in order to survive. In the meantime, the “black sheep” leap out –we leap out– to materialise our thinking, to build from another starting point. 

We raise our voices, we pave new paths, we change the rules. We recognise knowledge, capacities and values which are rarely captured in any ranking made by any of the world’s most prestigious institutions. We insist in going against the current, we declare ourselves in disobedience. We practice creativity in everything we do, because we understand creativity as the key element of disruption. We don’t keep quiet anymore. We lose the fear of saying we’re right. 

FOLCH - No tengas miedo a tener la razón

No tengas miedo a tener la razón is the first book made in collaboration between Acid House Barcelona and Temas de Hoy, publishing house from Grupo Planeta. Written by Vincenzo Angileri, and edited by Rafa Martínez and Albert Folch, NTMATLR gathers testimonies of disobedient, visionary and brilliant voices of the present. Voices who have broken in, making space for new ideas and praxes, confronting old structures and building new ones.

FOLCH - No tengas miedo a tener la razón

From trap and reggaeton singer, Bad Bunny, to Barcelona’s first woman mayor, Ada Colau; from Pritzker award-winning architect Toyo Ito, to political activist, Nadya Tolokonnikova, founder of Pussy Riot. From nominee to the Peace Nobel prize, chef José Andrés, to producer El Guincho; from world record-breaking climber Alex Honnold, to activist and founder of Extinction Rebellion, Clare Farrell. Indigenous Oscar-nominee actress Yalitza Aparicio, Sónar Festival co-founder Sergio Caballero and OFFF Festival founder Héctor Ayuso, and Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, Inc., Vincent Stanley. Dominican writer and musician Rita Indiana, political scientist and consultor Aleix Sanmartín, and mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. Different voices, experiences of all kinds, all of them with one common, valuable thing to share: a story of success walked on an atypical, non-academic, and often questioned path.

FOLCH - No tengas miedo a tener la razón

The clash of profiles, the mix of expertise areas and the diversity within these characters are only a reflection of the world we live in, where everything is connected, and no experience or idea is more valuable than others. What matters above all is that you stay you, that you genuinely believe in your capacities whichever they are, that you never resign, and that you go all in with breaking the rules as long as you know you are doing things right. 

This book contains what we believe in. Through its pages, we declare our convictions, we express the essence of our thinking. Until now, we have primarily been recognised for giving form to things through design and edition, while our core values were, although present and reflected, sitting on the back seat. We decided it was the time to make them thrive, to make them useful. Along with Temas de hoy, we went through with the idea of a book which stood up to the established, to the norms, to the old idea of success.

FOLCH - No tengas miedo a tener la razón

For the cover we used a disruptive neon yellow with the symbol for Acid House Barcelona. The layout is classic and commercial in style, but we introduce our own Acid Grotesk typeface for titles, subtitles and chapter entries. At the end of the book we have a special section with illustrations of each interviewee by Manuel Donada, who interprets each of the characters with objects and images that represent them and their work, transforming them into icons.

The book is available for purchase here

Book Writing & Editing, Editorial Design, Editorial Environment. 2021