Client: Pull&Bear
Year: 2020
Tags: Art Direction, Audiovisual, Brand Narrative, Campaign, Creative Direction and Filmmaking, Digital Activation

Reflecting on Pull&Bear’s ever young and evolving community, this campaign blends digital and physical universes via stickers inspired by TikTok gestures and internet kitsch. These stickers are incorporated as backdrops into a series of vivid audiovisual pieces with a selected group of diverse influencers acting as brand ambassadors. This month @paddingtonpear, @mxurxen, @sabrinareboll and @koffi.w were the first ones wearing #pullandbearcommunity looks.

“To give the community identity, we were looking for this multi-screen, multi-layered feeling by moving between the digital and physical world, also creating multiple identities to suit all kinds of personalities and styles.”

Josep Puy, Art Director & Senior Designer at Folch

Communicating the brand’s contemporary approach to digital trends and feel good vibe, the materials are edited to create a sense of snap-shot, lo fi quality that responds to the nature of today’s internet interactions. A series of Instagram assets, website campaign and in-store screen projections of these vivid video capsules invite the brand’s 7.1M Instagram followers to share their Pull&Bear looks using the hashtag.


3 days after the campaign was launched on Instagram, the posts generated a combined total of 107,641k likes and 110 comments, reflecting a committed audience that shares the hashtag in hopes of participating to be featured on Pull&Bear’s Instagram feed, win Netflix gift cards and other discounts and surprises sponsored by the brand. Prior to our campaign, the brand was already using the #pullandbearcommunity hashtag, which has accrued a growing total of 75.3k posts.


“There’s a lot of noise about user centered communication strategies, thus, in the era of  social communications and emotions, brands need to go beyond their values, goals and short-term profits to focus on what is nowadays absolutely relevant: building a strong community where the brand is mirrored by the strategy.”

Rafa Martínez, COO Partner & Head of Brand Strategy at Folch

Art Direction, Audiovisual, Brand Narrative, Campaign, Creative Direction and Filmmaking, Digital Activation. Pull&Bear. 2020