Roche, a new digital environment by

Year: 2019
Tags: Editorial Environment, Environmental Design, Strategy and Design Thinking, Web design
Website: Folch
Concept: MESURA
Videos: Nanouk Films
Coding: LLOS

Roche intended to translate its ethical vision into a built environment, made of spaces, places and, above all, people. We helped MESURA to communicate this atmosphere, developing digital guidelines capable of conveying the core concepts of the group, with an appealing editorial display and a primarily visual approach.

Teamwork for a relational experience

In collaboration with creative studio MESURA, which undertook extensive research to find the essence of the brand and translate it into five design principles, we started thinking about configuring an intuitive and direct guide to highlight the philosophy behind the architectural and relational culture of Roche, one of today’s leading companies in the healthcare and biotech sector. 

Focusing on the environment to rethink the relationship between people

Indoor, outdoor spaces and buildings are the three main axes through which Roche wishes to convey its approach to design and people. Focusing on the spaces, our aim was to find a curated way to show the core fundamentals of Roche, designing an interactive digital guide to explore the structured environment together with the people who live it every day.

A transdisciplinary network

To create such a detailed digital experience, several personalities gathered to share their vision. Designers, architects, marketing experts joined forces to organise the information and highlight the most valuable content for a 360-degree overview of the Roche universe.

A new interface based on user experience

Due to its light identity, our first purpose consisted in implementing the interface to optimise the user experience. Maintaining their traditional typeface, we sought to make the platform less corporate and more editorial. With a user-friendly, dynamic and easy to understand platform, the visual language became a vehicle to narrate the comfortable and cohesive environment of Roche.

Editorial Environment, Environmental Design, Strategy and Design Thinking, Web design. 2019