SwitchMed by

Client: SwitchMed
Year: 2018, 2019
Tags: Audiovisual, Brand Journalism, Creative Production, Digital Narratives

Commissioned by SwitchMed, a project funded by the EU and implemented by UNIDO, SCP/RAC 
Concept & Design: Folch
Production: White Horse
Director & Editor: Bernat Mestres


SwitchMed is a regional programme funded by the European Union and collaboratively coordinated by the EU and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The aim of the programme is to support and connect stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean area, connecting entrepreneurs developing eco-sustainable businesses with stakeholders and investment funds. SwitchMed launched a competition to promote the project and communicate the work of the individual entrepreneurs involved in the SwitchMed programme. We were thrilled to be given the responsibility and developed a comprehensive brand journalism strategy. 


Communicating the project

The idea was to create a series of videos. We prepared one video for each entrepreneur, plus a series of more general videos focusing on the local economy, new economic roles, and circular economy models, as well as the many benefits to the environment and nature conservation that SwitchMed promotes. The fact that all pre-production was made from Barcelona and we knew very little about what we would come across made everything really unexpected and exciting. This and the great team work really help capturing the essence of the people and landscapes that kept unfolding as we went through.

7 countries, 14 entrepreneurs

Director Bernat Mestres went with SwitchMed representatives to Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Palestine to meet and film 14 green entrepreneurs and their successful businesses. The production was managed by White Horse from Barcelona with concept and design by Folch. We worked in tandem with the SwitchMed communications and social media teams, as well as liaising with local team leaders. 

A journalistic approach

The specific videos communicate the inspirational stories of the entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We developed a relationship with them, plus the investors and stakeholders, holding interviews and visiting their workspaces. The importance of taking a journalistic approach is the quality of information – both reliable and inspirational – with the ability to reach out to a wide group of people from different origins and cultures.

Audiovisual, Brand Journalism, Creative Production, Digital Narratives. SwitchMed. 2018, 2019