Wood & Paint by

Year: 2018

Art direction by Folch

Production by White Horse

A campaign for Marset



For Marset’s new campaign we embraced a more conceptual approach to communication, generating a narrative around the lamps themselves. Teaming up with White Horse, we conceptualised and produced two clean and satisfying audiovisual productions which bring to the spotlight the craftsmanship and the materials behind the Dipping Light and the Discocó lamp. This evolving collection of videos projects these unique products as art pieces more than functional objects.

Dipping Light: materials in dialogue

Created as an experiment –dipping a lit bulb into paint several times– designer Jordi Canudas follows a peculiar methodology that allows the colour to shade the light in layers, creating a magical ambient effect. By creating a meaningful dialogue between the materials a new narrative was generated. The film works as a visual essay, celebrating the paint – its colour, texture, and viscosity – as well as the dipping process.

Discocó: creating a lamp from the ground-up

Discocó is all about playfulness, the interaction between light and its various planes. To capture the essence of this lamp, we focused on the material which gave shape to the product. The smooth and tonal wood, combined with a detailed study of light, results in a unique lamp that softly plays with shadows and reflections, nuances and depth. This visual essay celebrates the spirited nature of designer Christopher Mathieu’s product, expressing the transformation of wood in its raw form into a delicate final product.

Bringing a concept to life

Seeking to generate curiosity, a crescendo builds throughout each video creates a narrative tension, and the lamps are only shown in the last few seconds. Both audiovisual pieces are designed so that each one breathes its own identity, without losing the sense of a collection. Months of work were translated into two clean, inspiring and satisfying audiovisual productions to be spread across multiple platforms and communication channels, allowing Marset to evolve onto a more contemporary stage.

Wood & Paint | FOLCH
Wood & Paint | FOLCH
Wood & Paint | FOLCH
Wood & Paint | FOLCH
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