A documentary about the real Barcelona by

Client: betevé
Year: 2017
Tags: Art Direction, Audiovisual, Brand Narrative, Campaign, Place Branding

Developed by Folch

In collaboration with Goroka and Norte


Behind every good project, there is a good client – betevé strode into the project with an open mind which made it possible for us to also take a step further in terms of communicating the repositioning of the local channel. Together with Goroka we started to form a brand narrative, this time in the shape of a documentary that would contemplate the idea of a city, without ornamentation – La Mirada Imperfecta.

The initial idea for the documentary was to cover the remaking as a “behind the scenes” reportage unveiling the new identity. At an early stage, we realised this was not going meet our main objectives, nor the concept of La Mirada Imperfecta introduced in the repositioning campaign. The focus of the documentary had to come down to a street level, reflecting the city, its inhabitants and their ideas without ornamentation – a Barcelona envisioned through the eyes of betevé.

Personalities from Barcelona, either living locally or elsewhere, were carefully selected. Neus Ballús, Paula Bonet, Enric Canet, David Carabén, Javier Marset, Toni Sagarra, Montse Vendrell and Sergi Vicente share their perspectives and visions of the city, beyond the typical sunshine stories. Without ever revealing their faces, their reflections play the protagonists in the documentary with a narrative structure from dusk to dawn. The identity takes a subtle side narrative where we can see construction workers disassembling the old sign of betevé to finally dismantle the new one.

Art Direction, Audiovisual, Brand Narrative, Campaign, Place Branding. betevé. 2017